Anastasia Furan is the sister of Pietor Furan. Along with her brother, she kidnapped children and brought them to their training facility in Siberia, the Glasshouse. She was the person who captured Raven and trained her, along with Pietor. She is one of the only people that Raven truly fears. 


Anastasia is the main antagonist in Aftershock. She appears towards the beginning of the book as an anonymous figure named Minerva, summoning the "fired" G.L.O.V.E. council members to a meeting where she participates, but keeps her identity secret by using a digitally distorted holographic projection.

There she reveals herself to be one of the disciples, to the shock and outrage of those gathered. Anastasia then tries to persuade them to join her and eventually they do. She proceeds to launch an attack against the H.I.V.E. Alphas who are on The Hunt, a training program in Siberia. Minerva receives this information from Chief Dekker, who is actually a traitor planted in H.I.V.E.


In Deadlock, Anastasia Furan makes another appearance as the main antagonist, in this book she is bent on revenge for the death of her brother.  

Anastasia has captured the alpha stream students from HIVE and has them locked up in Glasshouse, she is trying to train them to be remorseless assassins by brutal means. 

She is given a robotic arm to replace her now useless hand which was injured beyond repair by Otto at the end of Aftershock. 

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