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Dreadnought is the fourth book in the H.I.V.E. series.


The world's most powerful villains have a problem. One of their own has gone rogue and is threatening global Armageddon, with himself at the head of a sinister new world order.

Meanwhile, Otto, Wing and other students at H.I.V.E are en route to a training exercise in the Arctic known as the Ninety-three Percenter, owing to the proportion of students who make it back alive.

But before they arrive, events take over, and Otto, Wing and his most trusted villain-friends find themselves in the sights of the most dangerous men alive, with nowhere to run.


The story begins with a young girl running through a snowy field. This turns out to be Raven, trying to make an escape attempt from her vicious tutor, Pietor Furan. She is shot in the shoulder, but not before fighting against Furan, throwing her knife and blinding him in one eye.

A policeman is on his way back from a meeting with an old lady who is in the habit of going on about "lights" from mysterious aircraft flying over her house. On the way back he almost crashes into a madman on the road who is  hysterical, ngs about "The Disciples". The policeman arrests him and starts to take him back to the station. The car is blown up by a heat-seeking missle, fired by a Predator drone. 



  • Otto Malpense
  • Wing Fanchu
  • Shelby Trinity
  • Laura Brand
  • Raven (Natalya)
  • Dr. Nero
  • Franz Argentblum
  • Nigel Darkdoom
  • Diabolus Darkdoom


  • Sebastian Trent
  • Pietor Furan
  • Jason Drake

Anastasia Furan


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