is the first in a new series of books written by H.I.V.E. author: Mark Walden.

Earthfall was release in June 2012


Sam wakes to see strange vessels gathered in the sky around London. As he stares up, people stream past walking silently to the enormous ships which emit a persistent noise. Only Sam seems immune to the signal.

Six months later, and Sam is completly alone. In his bunker he has food and water for the next few days. He has no choice but to venture above.

Spotted by a flying drone, Sam escapes, but is slashed by a barbed tendril. That night, drenched in sweat, Sam realises that without medical supplies the wound would kill him.

This time above ground he is not so lucky.

Cornered by the drone, Sam thinks he has reached his end - then the drone is shot down in a hail of machine gun fire.

In five minutes Sam realises two things- he is not alone and the drone injury should have killed him instantly - yet he is still alive.

The battle for earth is about to begin.