The H.I.V.E. series is a series of books written by Mark Walden for teens.

The books are centered around a group of teenagers who are sent to a top-secret school called H.I.V.E., the Higher Institute of Villainous Education. There they are trained to become the worlds future super-villains.

But in a school full of budding super-villains, not everything is going to be easy...

Books in the series

Other books

Main Characters

  • Otto Malpense - a H.I.V.E. student who has a talent for devious works and is incredibly skilled with computers.
  • Laura Brand - a student who attracted the attention of H.I.V.E. with her skills at hacking.
  • Shelby Trinity - an American girl with a secret: she is one of the best and most successful jewel thieves of all time.
  • Wing Fanchu - born in Asia, he has a talent for martial arts that is hard to surpass.
  • Dr. Nero - the headteacher of H.I.V.E. and one of the most successful and feared supervillains.
  • Raven - Nero's bodyguard and assassin. Raven is an incredibly talented martial artist, however most of those who meet her don't often live to tell the tale. 
  • H.I.V.E.mind - a supercomuter, or to be more precise, an A.I. who runs all the day-to-day features of the school and plays important parts in the adventures had there.