Matt Ronson is an american senetor who appears in Deadlock.


He is a senior member of the Disciples and therefore one of the people responsible for the deaths and capture of the alpha stream students in Aftershock.

Due to Anastasia Furan's influence he is close to becoming the president of the United States but this comes to an adrupt end.

After breaking into one of the buildings used to store information for the disciples Otto discovers his true identity as a member of the group and he and Raven infiltrate his jet.  It takes off and they render the pilots and his son and wife unconscious before interogating him.

Ronson reveals that he knows very little about where Anastasia Furan is but reveals information about the Glasshouse and then finally, says that Furan let is slip the place was designed by someone called the Architect.

He later dies as the plane crashes into the sea.