Pietor Furan is a highly-trained assassin who first appears in Dreadnought.


Pietor Furan is an assassin who used to work for the Russian Spetsnaz but was recruited by Overlord 's Disciples. He and his sister, Anastasia Furan created the Glasshouse. Together, Pietor and Anastasia trained Raven. Raven swore that she would kill the Furans after they shot her best friend, Dimitri, and forced her to kill her other friend Tolya.


Furan first appeared in Dreadnought, working for Jason Drake. Under the Disciples' orders he infected the Dreadnought with Animus nanites and killed Drake, while making his escape.


he appeared at the end of rogue where took the corpse of sebastian trent to dr.creed and he saw overlord being born

Pietor Furan appears at the end of Rogue when he tells Dr. Creed to dissect Sebastian Trent 's corpse. 

Zero Hour

Near the end of Zero Hour, Raven stabbed Furan in the chest with one of her katana. Seconds later, Overlord took over his mortally wounded body, using it as a host. Although Furan's body had a huge hole in the torso, Overlord still managed to shoot Lucy Dexter with the pistol Furan had been holding. Just minutes later, his body was eaten alive by Animus nanites. 


Pietor Furan is tall and muscled. He has closely shaved hair and a pair of scars in the shape of a star above his eye, which was blinded by Raven when she was 11 years old. He first appeared in Dreadnought and was working for Jason Drake Under the disciples orders he infected the dreadnought and killed Drake, making his escape.

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