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Zero Hour
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Mark Walden

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Zero Hour is the sixth book in the H.I.V.E. series.


Otto Malpense is in peril. The evil AI Overlord has developed the ability to move from body to body, but only Otto can contain him and survive. Overlord will stop at nothing to locate him and when he does no one will be able to stop him.

Dr. Nero must activate Zero Hour, a plan designed to eliminate any villain on the brink of global domination.

Nero knows that Otto must not be allowed to fall into Overlord's hands.

The stage is set for the final battle...


Overlord is back, now in the body of Dr. Creed, and is ruling the Diciples. He talks about a plan, to capture Otto and use him as a host body.

Meanwhile, Otto is in a training exercise, battling in a free-for-all in an empty waren\house. He kills two people, but Wing murders him with a throwing knife to the chest. The simulation is over, and Laura and Shelby complain that Otto just had to shoot them twice. Three men in some top-secret air force sneak out of their bunkers to a nearby bar, where they order some drinks. They mention something about them being the pilots of the future. When they head back, they see a figure trying to break in their car. He runs away when he notices the air force people chasing him, but reveals it's a trap just when the people pinning him down get shot by tranqulizer dart guns being held by Pietor's forces.

The rest to be revealed... Dark movement (you just had to say that didn't ya?)




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